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E-CRISP is a software tool to design and evaluate target sites for use with the Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeat (CRISPR) system.

The web application uses fast algorithms to identify sgRNA target sequences in any nucleotide sequence for use in CRISPR/Cas mediated genome editing. E-CRISP analyzes target specificity of the putative designs and assesses their genomic context (e.g. exons, transcripts, CpG islands). The design process incorporates different options of how CRISPR constructs can be used in experimental applications.
Please cite:
Heigwer, F. , Kerr, G. & Boutros, M. , E-CRISP: fast CRISPR target site identification. Nat. Methods 11, 122-123 (2014). link pubmed
Recent Updates:
January 2015 v.4.2 Major Database upgrade, featuring more organisms and updated genome releases.
More information can be found at HELP
The old version can still be accessed under e-crisp-test.dkfz.de
September 2014 v.4.1 hotfix An error showing no single results when bowtie2 was used with the human genome is now fixed.
August 2014 v.4.1 We have improved the user interface and added the ability to search for genes by gene name variants.
August 2014 v.4.0 A new version of E-CRISP has been released, which includes:
1. We implemented a new scoring system, to include Specificity, Annotation and Efficiency scores.
2. New simplified default options have been added
3. Additional organisms have been added: Toxoplasma gondii GT1, Gasterosteus aculeatus (Three-spined stickleback), Populus trichocarpa (Black cottonwood), Sus scrofa (Pig)
4. For further details please see the help pages
5. Older version of E-CRISP can be accessed here
April 2014 v.3.3 In this minor update different default values for de-novo sgRNA design have been implemented, allowing for more designs to be found.
April 2014 v.3.2 The following organisms have been added to E-CRISP: Zea mays, Ustilago hordei, Toxoplasma gondii ME49, Gasterosteus aculeatus, Populus trichocarpa
March 2014 v.3.1 A new version of E-CRISP has been released. It includes more off-target search options and we implemented speed improvements to enable the design of sgRNAs against up to 200 genes in parallel.

Boutros lab, E-CRISP-Version 4.2
For suggestions please contact us at crispr@dkfz.de